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The Free FataFat Stock Screener scans the FnO stocks RealTime : Today’s OPEN = Today’s HIGH Today’s OPEN = Today’s LOW Opening GAP UP / GAP DOWN Real-Time Intraday NEW HIGH’s / NEW LOW’s Near Intraday High and Lows NR7 & NR4 candle Screener ABOVE / BELOW Opening Range Screener at 10:15am  ABOVE / BELOW Closing Range Screener Read more about Free Intraday Screener : The FataFat Stock Screener ©[…]

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The Dashboard Feature on the FataFat Premium Screener. The DASHBOARD on The Premium Version helps you to have a birds-eye view on todays data points for day trading. The DASHBOARD summarizes all the market information required for Intraday market analysis all at one place. Helps you focus with maximum efficiency during the day for your Read more about 10 Reasons Why traders Love The New FataFat Premium[…]

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FataFat Stock Screener, Subscribe PREMIUM. FataFat Stock Screener has all the essential features to help you daytrade productively in India. A Live Screener that offers you Japanese Quality at China Price and Made in India for Indian Stock Markets. Activation details are dispatched almost instantly to your email. Frequently Asked Questions: Q: What is the time delay on Read more about FataFat Stock Screener © Subscribe PREMIUM.[…]

FataFat Stock Screener v3

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  The Xtra features on FataFat Premium Stock Screener. Screening for FnO more Stocks. Deviation Percentage from 200 DMA. Market Float Shares Quantity Screener. Screens for Monthly Percentage change in Price. Daily volatility based on 5 days Standard Deviation. Average True Range of 5 days. Previous Range Breakout Screening. 15 min and 30 min Open range Read more about Subscribe here : FataFat PREMIUM Stock Screener.[…]