FataFat Stock Screener : Intraday HOD / LOD Breakouts

The FataFat Stock Screener is a productive tool for Intraday Traders.

The FataFat Supports screening for:

1) HIGH of Day and LOW of Day Breakouts


2) Potential Breakout stocks near the HIGH and LOW of day.

(This is a unique intraday Screening feature just to FataFat)

This Screening feature helps you identify stocks near the High and Low of the day.

Analyzing the screened Stocks on your chart will help you figure out, if a stock has completed its pullback and is now approaching the high or low for a second or third leg of the breakout.

Combine this with the Volume Strength Filter or analyse this on the Visual Pivots to determine the breakout potential and Targets.


Screening HOD and LOD Breakouts

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How to Sort and Filter Stocks Using FataFat Stock Screener :