Intraday Fibonacci Calculator | Automatic | NSE F&O Stocks


Fibonacci Calculator for Intraday Trading, Automatic Levels.

This is an automatic Intraday Fibonacci Calculator Trading Tool for DayTraders.

This Calculator makes use of the widely used Fibonacci Data-Point daytrading strategy.

The Intraday Fibonacci values are automatically calculated and tracked during intraday.

Intraday Fibonacci Levels are calculated and screened in either direction for:

  • Intraday LEVEL 0.236 as Trigger.
  • Intraday LEVEL 0.382 as Target 1
  • Intraday LEVEL 0.5 as Target 2
  • Intraday LEVEL 0.618 as Target 3
  • Intraday LEVEL 0.718 as Target 4
  • Target 5

CLICK HERE TO VIEW the Lite Version with today’s Intraday Fibonacci levels

How to deal with this Fibonacci Calculator?

Long Positions are initiated when price crosses UP the Trigger at LEVEL + 0.236

Short Positions are initiated when price crosses DOWN the Trigger at LEVEL – 0.236

Trigger Values on the opposite direction acts as STOP-LOSS.