Fibonacci Intraday levels for Day Traders.

Automatic Advanced Intraday Fibonacci levels for Day Traders.
fibonacci auto intraday calculator


This is an automatic Intraday FIB levels Screener.
Useful if you have a trading strategy of your own and already familiar intraday trading with Fibonacci levels.

The Intraday levels are auto-calculated based on the Opening PRICE and Daily volatility of  5 days Standard Deviation.

Following Series, Levels are screened in either direction. 

  • Intraday LEVEL 0.236 as Target 1
  • Intraday LEVEL0.382 as Target 2
  • Intraday LEVEL 0.5 as Target 3
  • Intraday LEVEL 0.618 as Target 4


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Intraday Fibonacci Levels

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How to interpret the Intraday Fibonacci Screener values?

Long Positions are initiated when price crosses UP the Forward level on Column S.

Short Positions are initiated when price crosses DOWN the Reverse level on Column Q.

If Long Positions are initiated as Price crosses UP the Forward level on Column S, the STOP LOSS will be the level at Column Q and Vice-Versa.

Levels are populated based on Today’s Opening Price and Daily Volatility of 5 days Standard Deviation.

What is the MTREND COLUMN?

The MTREND Feature on the last column identifies the Master Trend Direction of Daily Candles based on a Proprietary Algorithm.

MTREND acts as a Master Filter. Ideally, take trades only if FORWARD or REVERSE levels are triggered in the direction of the Master Trend.

This is not a Trade Signal Generator.

Please use this “Fibonacci Intraday levels for Day Traders” at you own risk.
Trading involves substantial risk of loss and might not be suitable for everyone.
Past Performance are no indication for future results.