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What is a Stock Screener?

Stock Screener is a Stock Market data analysis tool that helps a day trader or an investor in Stocks to filter through a list of stocks and arrive at the results important for them.

Stock Traders and Investors use a Stock screener to quickly generate a list of stocks that are trending for the day, the week or the month.

The FataFat NSE Stock Screener makes lives easier for the Stock Market Participants in India. Helping them to quickly filter through the NSE Stock Exchange’s F&O Equity Stock Category and quickly arrive at results they are searching for.

The Free FataFat NSE Stock Screener scans the F&O Stocks for :

  1. Today’s OPEN = Today’s HIGH
  2. Today’s OPEN = Today’s LOW
  3. Opening GAP UP / GAP DOWN
  4. Intraday NEW HIGH’s / NEW LOW’s
  5. Near Intraday High and Lows
  6. NR7 & NR4 candle Screener
  7. ABOVE / BELOW Opening Range Screener at 10:15am
  8.  ABOVE / BELOW Closing Range Screener after 2:45 pm
  9. 5 to 13 SMA daily Trend
  10. Percent CHANGE in Price
  11. CMP Greater than Yesterday’s HIGH / LOW
  12. Today’s volume compared to 3 day’s average VOLUME as a percentage
  13. Direct One Click Access to Google Finance charts.
  14. ABOVE / BELOW Central Pivot Range.
  15. ABOVE / BELOW daily PIVOT Screener
  16. ABOVE / BELOW daily S1 S2 R1 R2 Screener
  17. Near PIVOT breakout Zone Screener
  18. 2 and 3-day consecutive INCREASE / DECREASE in closing price
  19. 2 and 3-day consecutive INCREASE in trading volume
  20. Industry Sector wise Screener
  21. Nifty 50 Index Screener
  22. Bank Nifty Index Screener
  23. SP500, FTSE100, DAX index updates
  24. 2 and 3-day consecutive GAP UPs and GAP DOWNs
  25. NIFTY and BANK NIFTY weightage Screener
  26. Pre Opening volume strength
  27. Daily Inside and Doji Candles
  28. Intraday Stock Rating Filter
  29. 200 SMA Daily Candle Screener
  30. and much more…

Video tutorial on How to use The FataFat Stock Screener:

This Free FataFat NSE Stock Screener is a productive day trading and Investing tool. Helps you frame your Intraday strategy on F&O Equity Stocks listed on the NSE, India.

The FataFat Stock Screener is free to use and has a simple design. This is an all you need stock screener for day trading in The Indian Stock Market.

This Screener works on the google apps framework an is updated every minute. Use this productively for your day trading in India.

For more information please read through The Frequently Asked Questions about FataFat Stock Screener.