FataFat Stock Screener – FAQ

Glad you found the FataFat Stock Screener Interesting and want to know more about using this Screener.

Please spend 15 minutes observing the Free FataFat Screener during Market hours, almost all your doubts gets answered automatically.

The Fatafat Stock Screener is self-explanatory and presented in the simplest form of data analysis, for easy and stress-free intraday and positional trading in The Indian Stock Market.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t learn how to SORT & FILTER data on this screener, you are probably wasting your time, by just looking here and there. The FILTER menu on the screener appears only after you first SORT any columns by A to Z or Z to A order. By using the SORT & FILTER options, you can quickly isolate, order and locate the stocks you are searching for. Please watch this video carefully, to learn how to SORT & FILTER data-points on the FataFat Stock  Screener. https://youtu.be/a1KUspVpa5o

Please read through the below FAQ’s. Save your time from having to ask the same questions again. Any questions not in the below FAQ’s, please use the chat facility on the site.

To Read this in Hindi, Please click here.

FAQ’s about FataFat Stock Screener.

1) Is FataFat Stock Screener FREE ?

Yes. The FataFat Stock Screener is a free NSE Intraday Stock Screener for The F&O cash segment stocks.

2) Is it Real-time?  / What is the time delay on FataFat Stock Screener ?

The FataFat Stock Screener is designed to work near real-time. Please use The free version for a few hours during Market Hours and test it for yourself.

UPDATE DEC 2018 : Please be informed, that recently there are intermittent delay when using the free screener. If you use this screener for Positional or Swing Trading, this does not affect you. However, for intraday trading, please use the Premium FataFat Stock Screener for faster screening . The Premium version updates every 1 min, and offers you a lot more value.

3) How to open / download FataFat Stock Screener ?

The FataFat Stock Screener is a web based app and is not downloadable, It works only online from your  internet browser.

The Free FataFat Screener can be accessed from inside this link: The FataFat Intraday Stock Screener

4) What does each Screening Column on FataFat Stock Screener do ?

Please hover your mouse on ROW 1 of each column, the screening conditions used in that column shows up as a pop up message.

5) Does the FataFat Screener work from mobile / android ?

The FataFat Stock Screener can be viewed from a mobile, but all functions will be limited.

The SORTING and FILTERING options, self updating etc are not available on mobile / android browser.

This Screener is designed for full time day traders and swing traders with access to a laptop or computer during trading hours.

6) Is there a mobile / android app for this Screener ?

There is no mobile / android app for this screener.

This screener is used mainly by full time daytraders. The small screen of a mobile is not productive for screening and analyzing large number of stocks for daytrading.

7) How to use / understand FataFat Stock Screener ?

70 percent of users find it easy to use this screener on their own from the very first time.

The design of FataFat Stock Screener is simple and very logical to operate in a few click.

Please watch these educational / trading strategy videos of FataFat Screener by your favorite traders on YouTube.


Tutorial videos in hindi: https://youtu.be/TWNhTSpHYII

Tutorial videos in english: https://youtu.be/a1KUspVpa5o

8) I want to learn strategies to use with FataFat Stock Screener ? 

How do I select stocks for buy /sell using this Screener ?

Ideally, FataFat Stock Screener is useful for traders already familiar with daytrading and have a strategy of their own.

80 percent of FataFat subscribers are traders who have been trading for 3 years or more.

All they require is a screener that helps them quickly locate the stocks they are searching for and FataFat Screener does it for them.

A few basic strategies using FataFat Screener for beginners are explained in this link: fatafatdaytradingstrategy.in

9) What time does FataFat Stock Screener start screening ?

The FataFat Stock Screener is self powered by Google apps frame-work and starts screening from 9.10 AM.

The Opening Gaps , Pre-Opening Volume Strength are available at 9.10 AM on your screen.

After Market, the EOD candle patterns get populated at 10 PM weekdays.

10) Do I need to refresh the FataFat Stock Screener for the latest values ?

No need for manual refresh. The FataFat Screener updates and refreshes automatically every minute.

11) What is the accuracy of this Screener ?

This is not a Trade Signal Generator. FataFat Stock Screener is a NSE Stock Screener for daytrading and positional trading in India.
It screens stocks correctly, matching the  conditions you are screening for.

12) What is the difference between Intraday Scan and Daily Scan Section on the FataFat Screener?

The Intraday Scan section contains data-points in relation to Today’s OHLC and Volume, while the Daily Scan Tab relates to candle stick patterns and breakouts formed on daily candles.

13) More information on The MTREND Indicator ?

MTrend Indicator is a Premium Feature, more Information here.

FAQ’s On The Premium Version Of The FataFat Screener

14) What is the difference between FREE and FATAFAT PREMIUM ?

Premium Members get access to faster screening speed, more Intraday Formulas, as described here: FataFat Stock Screener , Features Compare.

15) What is the cost of FataFat Premium Membership ? 

The subscription details for premium version are available here FataFat Stock Screener © Subscribe PREMIUM.

16) Can I have a DEMO / TRIAL / Screenshot of the PREMIUM Version before I Subscribe ?

The Premium version looks and feels exactly the same as the Free Screener, except that, it scans faster, got extra formulas and supports all the latest F&O stocks.

Some videos about The FataFat Screener on YouTube shows the Premium version in action. Please have a look at them.

17) Can I subscribe to The Premium Version for just 1 day, 1 week, 1 month etc ?

Minimum subscription period to The Premium FataFat Screener is 3 months.

18) Do I need to have a gmail email address to subscribe ?

YES, you will need a gmail email address or a google account activated email address to access the FataFat Premium Stock Screener.

19) After Subscribing, How can I access the premium Screener ?

After subscribing, you will receive an activation email with the Premium Access links, demo videos etc.

Keep checking your SPAM FOLDER after Subscribing.

20) When will I receive the Activation email after Subscribing ?

80 percent of new activation emails are dispatched within 15 minutes, including weekends.

If you are subscribing during midnight, the activation emails will reach you only at 9am.

21) Where can I Subscribe to FataFat Stock Screener Premium Membership?

You can subscribe for Premium at https://www.fatafatstockscreener.in/premium

22) Can I pay by PayTM or Net-Banking?

Yes.  PayTM accepted at 80 8672 6243, or scan this PayTM Barcode.

For, online Net-Banking payment method, checkout here.

23) What does other Traders in India say about The FataFat Stock Screener ?

Considering how Productive FataFat Screener can be to your Stock Trading decision, Most Traders like to share this tool with their friends and followers, You can watch out the FataFat Stock Screener Reviews on YouTube from your favourite Traders here.

The tools and contents on this website has been made with a lot of love and dedication. 80 percent of this site’s research and resources are made available to you for free.

Hope you Find it useful too. Good Luck.

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