10 Reasons Why traders Love The New FataFat Premium

The Dashboard Feature on the FataFat Premium Screener.

The DASHBOARD on The Premium Version helps you to have a birds-eye view on todays data points for day trading.

The DASHBOARD summarizes all the market information required for Intraday market analysis all at one place.

Helps you focus with maximum efficiency during the day for your trading decision making.


Important Bulk Deals Records, for quick Long Term stock picking.

Quickly Identify Value Stocks for Long Term Investing Opportunity using the Bulk deals TAB on the Premium Screener.

Helps you identify selective stocks in which Institutional and Mutual Funds are interested in.


Automatic strike probability tool for Nifty Intraday Traders.

The automatic NIFTY strike probability tool on the Premium Screener is useful for Intraday Nifty Index Traders.


 Extra benefits on THE PREMIUM SCREENER that gives you real value for your money spent.

  1. Faster 1 minute scanning speed compared to the Free Version.
  2. Screening for all the latest F&O Stocks.
  3. Quickly view The TOP 5 STRONG & WEAK Nifty Sectors for Intraday Trade Planning.
  4. 15 mins and 30 mins Opening Range Breakouts for Intraday Price Action Traders.
  5. Opening Gap Screening at Pre-open Session.
  6. Pre-Open Session Relative Volume Strength screener.
  7. Identify Master Trend Direction of the Daily candles for intraday trade positioning.
  8. Track oversold and overbought stocks using the daily RSI values.
  9. Identifies ranging stocks for x number of days.
  10. Automatic BTST screening at 3.20pm.
  11. Quick SWING trade Screening for positional traders.
  12. Identify undervalued stocks using Retrace Percentage from 52 week high.
  13. Find EOD Change in Daily & Monthly Open Interest for F&O Stocks.
  14. Intuitive design for maximum Productivity.

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