MTREND – Master Trend Direction Screening on FataFat Screener.

A new “Master Trend DIRECTION” screening column has been added to the FataFat PREMIUM Stock Screener.

What is The MTREND Indicator?

The MTREND Indicator is a Directional Strength Indicator. Indicates if the Directional bias of a Stock is UP, DOWN or with NO Bias. This Directional Strength of a stock is further used as a filter to avoid noise on your Intraday Setup Screening.

How is The MTREND Indicator calculated?

The MTREND indicator is calculated using a set of Previous number of day’s data points.

Does MTREND keep Changing during the intraday?

MTREND INDICATOR values does not change during the day.

MTREND is calculated a day in advance for the next day.

MTREND data for tomorrow is calculated at 10pm today.

What is The MTREND Indicator useful for?

MTREND Indicator is used as a supporting Filter.

MTREND Filter can be used by a daytrader to avoid taking intraday trades against the Master Trend of the Previous set of daily candles.

Ideally, Intraday trades are initiated only in the same direction as MTREND.

This Filter can be used as a main Filter when using the other Screening conditions on the FataFat Stock Screener.

Where is The MTREND Indicator available for viewing?

The MTREND Screening column is available on The Premium version of FataFat Stock Screener.

MTREND SCREENING column Screenshots.

fatafat v3 master trend screening


Simple 3 Stage Filtering for Intraday UP trending stocks.

The Master Trend Screening Feature is available on the FataFat PREMIUM Stock Screener.