FataFat Stock Screener : New Feature. Finding Top and Bottom

A new Screening Feature has been added to The FataFat Stock Screener.
A screening feature that will help you screen for Tops and Bottoms.
This will identify stocks where a trend reversal is likely to happen.
Useful to screen for stocks moving out or in to consolidation phase.
You can use this screening feature after 10pm everyday.
This will screen for stocks that are reversing today from there previous trend.
You can prepare your trading notes for the next day based on these results.
Screen Shot of Screener Results on 19/02/2017 (SUNDAY) :
FataFat Stock Screener Finding Tops and Bottoms

Screen Shot on The next day 20/02/2017 after Market hours (Monday Evening) :
FataFat Stock Screener Finding Tops and Bottoms