FataFat Stock Screener : For Swing and Positional Traders

Finding Swing and Positional Trades using DAILY SCAN engine on The Free FataFat Stock Screener.

FataFat Stock Screener Swing Trades

Methods to use during Market Hours for finding Multi Day Swing and Positional LONG Opportunity using The Free FataFat Stock Screener:

Please look for Column Titles instead of the Column Order mentioned below.

  1. Using COLUMN O Filter for Stocks Forming a Bottom Pattern Yesterday + COLUMN G to find stocks with a Positive Gain in Price.
  2. Using COLUMN L to Filter stocks with a GREEN breakout of the NR7 candle.
  3. Using COLUMN U to find stocks that are reversing today from their 3 day down trend.
  4. Using COLUMN T to find stocks bouncing up from the 20 daily moving average + COLUMN G to find stocks with a Positive Gain in Price.

After the stocks have been screened, Please do the Chart analysis using Daily Candles.


 Useful SCREENING Setups for Positional Trades :