FataFat Stock Screener : BTST Stock Screening

The Free FataFat Stock Screener helps you screen for BTST Trades on FnO Stocks listed on NSE, India.

This manual Screening can be done after 3:20 pm using The Free FataFat Intraday Stock Screener.

1) CLOSING Price condition 2 or 3 DAY UP. (column p)
2) VOLUME condition 2 or 3 DAY UP. (column q)
3) INTRADAY GAIN percentage is POSITIVE. (column g)

The screened results will help identify stocks that are most likely to open gap up the next day , or show buying interest in the 1st 30 mins of opening.

Watch this video to see How to do the manual BTST Screening using the FataFat Stock Screener for the above screening conditions : (click the image for a clearer video)

BTST Trade Finder

The 2 stocks that were screened on the above example are:

  1. BHARTIARTL closing price = 368.65. Next day it opened GAP Up and created at high of 372.50 in the first 30 mins.
  2. INFOSYS  closing price = 946. Next day it opened GAP UP and  created a high of 998 during the day.


A new Automated BTST Screening Feature on The Premium Version:

A new dedicated BTST column has been added to The Premium Version of FataFat Stock Screener.

You will find this BTST Screener on the last Column of the Daily Scan TAB of the Premium version.

This BTST screening feature automatically lists the potential BTST charts for your reference, IF ANY, for the day at 3.20 pm using a different formula.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a BTST trade signal, but a screening feature that helps you locate some favorable chart setups, if any for the day, for your own analysis. 

This self screening feature on the premium version at 3.20 pm gives you sufficient time to analyse these intraday charts and make your own decision.

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