Framing Intraday Strategies using The Free FataFat Stock Screener

What is FataFat Stock Screener ?

The Free FataFat stock screener is a productive tool for daytrading in India. It is free and helps you screen stocks for framing Intraday Strategies on the most liquid FnO stocks.

Before you start using this spreadsheet screener tool. It is very essential you familiarize with the spreadsheet sorting and filtering options. Watch the below video to see how the sorting and filtering options are used. Filter stocks by your trading price range first to concentrate on just the stocks you need.

Free Intraday Screener : The FataFat Stock Screener ©

SOME Practical Intraday Strategies using The FataFat Stock Screener:

1) With open = low + open = high selected watch out for stocks creating new highs or new lows for finding trending stocks for the day.

2) Watch the VOL percent for finding unusual trading volume during the day. Ideal for identifying institutional buying or selling.

3) The AFTER 10:45 column identifies stocks above or below the 1hr opening range. A popular trading system used around the world.

4) LTP to YEST column identifies stocks crossing yesterdays high or low. Identitifes stocks with a clear up or down Trend.

5) The SMA 5 to 13 column identifies stocks that are in a daily up or down trend for positional trades.

6) The WATCH signal on the Pivot column identifies stocks that could potentially break above the daily pivot point with huge volume. Ideal for breakout trading.

7) ON PIVOT signal on the Pivot column identifies stocks that are yet to breakout up or down for the day.

8) AFTER 2:45 column identifies stocks creating new highs or lows only after 2:45pm. Identifies potential buying or selling by institutional investors in the last minutes of the day.

9) Follow Pivot point trading principles when using the R1, R2, S1, S2 indicators.

10) Use the Reversal Indicator for finding stocks breaking out of consolidation or stocks consolidation after 3 days of continuous up or down move.