Fatafat Stock Screener : How to analyze NIFTY Intraday Strength

The FataFat Stock Screener is a ‘jack of all trade’  productive tool, specially  for analyzing the Nifty and Bank Nifty indices.

Step by Step Instructions for Nifty Index Analysis:

1) On the Fatafat Screener, First go to the ProFilters_beta page.

2) SORT Z to A on Column BD

3) Using the temporary filter on Column BD1 . Choose ‘Filter by Condition’ then on the drop down menu select ‘Greater than’.

4) On the value column enter .01 and click OK. (Now only NIFTY 50 stocks are displayed on the screener by their corresponding index weightage.)

5) Analyze Column BB and BA to compare the intraday strength of all Nifty stocks from opening. ( Column BA displays the GAP UP’s and DOWN’s on opening and Column BB displays just the intraday change in price)

On the above video, we can see that major Nifty weightage stocks that had opened with a GAP UP has lost its value during the day.

The above simple analysis shows a weakness in the intraday strength of the index.

Likewise, many analytics can be done to the NIFTY and BANKNIFTY indices using this free but productive Fatafat Stock Screener.

SOME Interesting Facts for NIFTY index Traders:

  1. Just 20 stocks on the Nifty 50 list , contributes more than 70 percentage to the Index Weightage.
    ( If you are an index trader , once you sort Column BD by descending Order Z to A , you now know where to concentrate on.)
  2. When the index spikes 20 – 30 points up or down, have your ever wondered, what is going on ? Which stock was driving the index ?
    (By using the FataFat stock Screener effectively you can exactly figure out the stocks that are doing this .)