Zerodha Sentinel : Instant Alert Trigger Codes HERE !

The Zerodha Sentinel Platform helps you create Instant Alerts using data-points and conditions.

You can use these ready-made codes on your Zerodha Sentinel Platform Advanced Trigger section for generating Live Alerts.

Before you start using this, Please read through some of The FAQ on the Zerodha Sentinel Platform.


Zerodha Sentinel : Instant Alert Codes.

Total Buy Orders Greater than Total Sell Orders Trigger TotalBuy(‘NSE:xxx’) > TotalSell(‘NSE:xxx’)
Total Sell Orders Greater than Total Buy Orders Trigger TotalSell(‘NSE:xxx’) > TotalBuy(‘NSE:xxx’)
New Intraday Highs Trigger – Bullish LastTradedPrice(‘NSE:xxx’) == HighPrice(‘NSE:xxx’)
New Intraday Lows Trigger – Bearish LastTradedPrice(‘NSE:xxx’) == LowPrice(‘NSE:xxx’)
Opening Price of Today equals High of the Day Trigger – Bullish OpenPrice(‘NSE:xxx’) == HighPrice(‘NSE:xxx’)
Opening Price of Today equals Low of the Day Trigger – Bearish OpenPrice(‘NSE:xxx’) == LowPrice(‘NSE:xxx’)

Replace xxx in the above Formula with the correct Trading Symbol Code you need.