Zerodha Sentinel Platform Review and FAQ


What is Zerodha Sentinel Platform?

Zerodha Sentinel is a Stock Market Analysis Platform that is used for generating notification alerts when your predefined conditions are met.


What is the meaning of the word Sentinel?

Dictionary meaning of sentinel is ” a soldier or guard whose job is to stand and keep watch.”

Likewise, The Zerodha Sentinel Platform keeps watch on predefined triggers and alerts you when the predefined conditions are met.


How does Zerodha Sentinel generate alerts?

The alerts are generated as notifications through your Google chrome browser, on the Zerodha Kite Notification panel and through email .


When was The Zerodha Sentinel Platform Launched?

The official release of The Zerodha Sentinel Platform was during the third week of MAY 2018.


Do I need to be a Zerodha Trading Client to start using The Zerodha Sentinel Platform?

Not necessary, Even non-Zerodha clients can access The Zerodha Sentinel Platform. Use your Google or Facebook account to sign in.


Is The Zerodha Sentinel Platform Free?

The Zerodha Sentinel Platform is a Freemium product. The free version of The Zerodha Sentinel Platform allows you to maintain up to 30 free trigger alerts based on a single data-point. If you need more data-points and triggers you will need to subscribe to the premium version. The Pro Version is Free to use till 30th June 2018.


What does the term data-point on The Zerodha Sentinel Platform mean?

The data-point can mean a defined value that can be set for triggering a matching condition. Today’s open price or today’s volume  will be an example of a single data-point .


What data-points does The Zerodha Sentinel Platform support?

The Zerodha Sentinel Platform supports datapoints based on todays Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, Percentage of Change, Open Interest, total bids, total asks, etc etc


Does The Zerodha Sentinel Platform support Technical Indicator values as data-points?

Currently The Zerodha Sentinel Platform do not support data-points based on technical Indicator. May be in the future they might introduce these features. For technical indicator alerts , you can use The Zerodha Streak platform.


What is one of the unique feature on The Zerodha Sentinel Platform?

A unique feature you would find on this platform is to create triggers based on the total bids and asks for specific stocks. Not many platforms in the industry support this feature for daytraders.


Do I receive SMS Alerts on The Zerodha Sentinel Platform?

SMS Alerts not supported as of now. Alerts are generated only as platform notifications and email.


What Segments are supported on The Zerodha Sentinel Platform?

All Segments including stocks, commodity, F&O are supported on The Zerodha Sentinel Platform.


Where can I find sample Trigger Codes for The Zerodha Sentinel Platform?

You can copy and paste The Zerodha Sentinel Trigger Codes from here.


Can I create Range Breakout alerts on The Zerodha Sentinel Platform?

Triggers based on specific time of the day are not supported yet on The Zerodha Sentinel Platform.


Can I create Alerts based on Previous days/weeks/months data-points?

The Zerodha Sentinel Platform is compatible only with triggers based on today’s data-points. Historical data-points like yesterdays OHLC are not supported yet.


What does the Advanced Triggers feature on The Zerodha Sentinel Platform do?

The Advanced Trigger gives you the flexibility of including more data-points and combining multiple conditions for generating Alerts.


Can I create trigger alerts for a specific category of stocks, like All F&O, ALL Bank Nifty etc?

Practically you can, but you will need to enter each stock one by one when defining your trigger condition.


To SUMMARIZE, The Zerodha Sentinel Platform is very useful for investors, positional traders, helping them keep a watch on their investments. To create alerts if the value crosses above or below their stop-loss or targets. From a day-traders perspective this is useful if you are trading only a handful of stocks, commodity or the index. The Zerodha Sentinel Platform will help you generate notifications where your attention is needed during the day.



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