Kotak Securities : Brokerage Free Intraday Trading with FIT plan. FAQ


Information on this FIT Intraday Plan is now not available on their website, seems like trading pricing plans has changed.

They now offers new Trading and Investing Brokerage Plans, for more info, please visit their website: 



Kotak Securities has introduced a new Brokerage Free Intraday Trading plan for their Trading account holders.

Here you will find the FAQ’s related to the Kotak’s FIT Intraday trading Plan.

What does FIT mean ?

Kotak’s FIT is a short-form for Brokerage FREE INTRADAY TRADING.


How does Kotak’s FIT Brokerage Free Trading plan Work?

You get charged a flat fee of 999 INR and brokerage is free on Intraday Trading for the rest of the year.


Are delivery trades Free under the FIT Plan?

The FIT plan is valid only for Intraday trading.


Is this a limited time offer?

The FIT brokerage Free Trading plan is here to stay, and is available for renewal each year here after.


What segments can I trade Brokerage Free under the FIT Brokerage Plan?

You can trade brokerage free in the Equity Cash and FNO Segments.


What is the leverage / margin provided for Intraday trading under the FIT brokerage Plan?

Only 4 x leverage is available for Intraday trading under the FIT plan.


What is the Auto-Square off time for leveraged Intraday Orders at Kotak Securities?

The Auto-Square off time is 3:10 pm for leveraged Intraday Orders.


What is the cost of Opening a new Trading Account with kotak Securities?

If you are directly subscribing to the FIT Brokerage Free Trading plan, then the Account opening is done Free of charge.


Can I open just a trading account and link my existing Demat Account?

Yes, You can.


What is the minimum funds to be maintained in my FIT Trading Account at Kotak Securities?

Minimum Fund to be maintained in your FIT Trading account is 1000 INR.


I am an NRI, can I avail this offer?

This offer is available only to Resident Indians.


How much money do I need in my Kotak Trading Account to BUY or SELL 1 lot of Nifty Futures?

As on May, 2018 when the Nifty was valued at 10,614,the margin required is 79,000~ INR for trading 1 lot of Nifty Futures.


What kind of Intraday Traders is the FIT Trading Plan suitable for?

The FIT Trading Plan from Kotak Securities is suited for intraday traders whose priority is not on Intraday Margin.