Desktop Trading apps / platform that supports basket order feature in India.

The NEST desktop trading platform previously supplied by all stock brokers in India supported the basket order facility and it was a useful feature to have.

The good thing about having a basket order facility is that it allows options traders to place all the legs of their options trading strategies in one go.

Recently, the main stream stock brokers in India are forcing clients to migrate to their in-house made web based trading platform.

Integrating basket order facility on to these new web based trading platforms is a challenge, so most stock brokers do not want to offer this basket order facility.

In this context, here are 2 of the desktop based trading platform that supports basket order facility, if you are searching for one.

  1. Finvasia stock broker’s  Shoonya Desktop Trading app.
  2. Fyers stock brokers’s  Fyers One Desktop Trading app.


Also be informed that, there are still brokers that provides NEST trading platform to their clients on request.

In terms of easiness of placing basket orders, NEST desktop trading platform is still the best in the desktop category. 

Between Finvasia and Fyers, the Finvasia’s desktop platform is easier when placing basket orders.


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The long awaited basket order feature is now available on Fyers Web Trading platform.