The long awaited basket order feature is now available on Fyers Web Trading platform.

Fyers Stock Broker has now achieved a technological breakthrough on their Fyers Web Trading Platform.

They have introduced the basket order feature on their web trading platform, a long awaited feature by their clients.

The basket order window can be accessed from the top control panel of the fyers web trading platform.

You can create different baskets, mix and match your trading instruments inside the basket and keep your orders ready to fire in couple of clicks.

What was not expected, is that it also comes with an auto saving feature, so even if you close the basket order window while you busy with something else it will auto save your last set of instruments in a temporary basket. The auto saving feature shows that, they have gone exponentially serious about providing their clients with the best user experience. Things are only getting better at Fyers.

Are you in yet or waiting on the sidelines missing out on these good things?