What is algo trading in India ?

Algo trading in India refers to the process of designing your own trading strategy and deploying it live on The Indian Stock Markets. Algo Trading In India can be done Semi Automated or Fully Automated.


What are the tools needed to do algo trading in India ?

To start algo trading in India you need access to an algo Trading Platform and a Trading account.


What is semi automated algo trading ?

Semi automated refers to a trading system where the buy and sell signals are generated using algorithms, but the buy sell orders are not placed automatically. The Algo Trading platform generates an alert, the trader then confirms the orders manually and  submits the orders to the Trading exchange.


What is a fully automated algo trading system?

Fully automated algo trading system automatically place the buy and sell orders to the Trading exchange after the alerts are generated. No manual supervision is required on a fully automated algo trading platform.


Is algo trading legal in India ?

As of JAN 2018, Fully automated algo trading system are not legal in India. However, Day Traders are allowed to carry out semi-automated algo trading.


What kind of algo trading system are popular in India ?

Semi automated algo trading is the most popular Algorithmic Trading System in India.


Why are semi automated algo trading system popular in India ?

Due to the restrictions placed by trading exchanges on fully automated algorithms, many daytraders prefer to use semi automated algo trading methods.


Do I need to stay online when using algo trading in India for daytrading ?

With semi automated algo trading system you need to be online to manually confirm order placing to exchange. On fully automated algo trading system no supervision is required.


How can I use fully automated algo trading system in India, legally ?

To legally start using fully automated algo trading, the trading account holder need to first get their individual algorithm approved by the exchanges.


How to start using a semi-automated algo trading in India ?

To start semi automated trading in India, you can either design your own system or subscribe to an off the shelf algo trading platform.


Do I need to know programming to start algo trading in India?

Stock brokers have started providing semi-automated algo trading platforms to their clients. To start using these off the shelf platform, a trader  requires no prior programming skills. These platforms are built on an easy to use GUI interface. With the help of these new platforms, The algo trading process has become easier to design and deploy.


Which Algo Trading platforms support semi automated algo trading in India ?

Zerodha Streak and Upstox Trade Academy Scanner are platforms that support semi automated algo trading in India.


Do I need to use my own trading strategies to start algo trading in India?

Algo Trading platforms like Zerodha Streak comes with pre-built Algorithms.


Show me an example of designing an algo trading system ?

This is an example of how to create an algo trading strategy using Zerodha Streak.


Are there separate brokerage charges applicable for algo trading orders ?

Algo trading orders are charged at same rates as your existing brokerage charges.


What type of orders are supported on algo trading system ?

Algo trading orders supports market, limit, stop loss, bracket orders etc.


Can I do algo trading from mobile / android ?

Most semi-automated algo trading platforms work as an online web app. You can log into your algo platform from your mobile / Android for auto trading.