Have You heard of Finvasia?

Heard of Finvasia Stock Broker in India?

It was a during the year 2016 I came across Finvasia Stock Broker. What interested me about Finvasia Stock Broker was their brokerage Free Trading Policy for investing and for day trading as well. 

This concept of paying no brokerage for daytrading was new to me.

After the basic research, it did not take much time for me to open my new trading account with Finvasia.

I have been daytrading through Finvasia, for the past many years. I thought I should share the following benefits of Trading with Finvasia.

1) I have not paid any brokerage charges to Finvasia during the past many years. No brokerage paid for daytrading through my Finvasia Trading Account.

Zero Brokerage for daytrading in equities, futures, options, commodity, currency. You name it and its free with FinvAsia.

2) Never faced any errors on the contract notes or daily account settlement with Finvasia.

3) Finvasia’s customer service is top class. The executives I had to interact during the last one year were well mannered, quick to respond to queries.

4) The payout request is processed the same day,  absolutely brilliant service.

I am thankful for Finvasia’s effort to creating a Zero Brokerage eco-system in India.

It feels good to pay no brokerage and still daytrade or invest across all segments and instruments.

If you have not yet heard of Finvasia, its time to start exploring about Finvasia Brokerage Firm.

If you have heard of Finvasia and still paying brokerage, it is time to act now and start saving on brokerage.