Zerodha Pi Scanner, How to Troubleshoot ERROR ?

Are you get an ERROR message, while using your strategy on Zerodha Pi back-test engine or the Zerodha Pi Scanner?

Please go through this troubleshooting checklist to make sure you have done things the proper way.

1) When copy pasting codes to your Pi Scanner, there is a possibility that formatting errors can happen. There is a possibility that different lines get merged into one continuous line without space between them.

Solution: Make a one character free space between the different lines on the copy pasted codes.

2) The Scanner currently accepts only one SET function in any one strategy. If you use more than 1 line of SET condition the scanner output error messages.

Solution: If you have a strategy with more than one SET function, combine them using brackets.

3) When using the Zerodha Pi back-test engine, Have you forgotten to enter an EXIT LONG SCRIPT while back testing your BUY SCRIPT?

Solution: Use this code on the EXIT LONG SCRIPT TAB to rectify the error. CLOSE < OPEN

4) The SELL SCRIPT TAB and EXIT SHORT ​SCRIPT on the back-test engine do not work as of now, so do not use it, leave it blank.

5) Error messages for “SCRIPT GENERATED NO TRADES” recheck if your strategy is practical on the current time-frame.

Solution: Test your strategy across different time-frames and increase back-test periods if necessary.

6) The Pi Scanner and Pi Expert Adviser works only during the trading hours. To test your strategy after market hours use only the Pi back-test engine.

7) The Pi Scanner do not produce sound alerts or do not log entries to the Generated Alerts Tab.

Solution: Watch for the ALERT TIME cell column on your scanner window to TURN YELLOW when a stock has is screened.

Also, you can use the Zerodha Pi Scanner Sound Alert Plugin.