Top 4 Reasons Why Zerodha Pi Is Becoming Less Popular

Zerodha Pi ScreenShot

Top 4 Reasons Why Zerodha Pi Trading Platform Is Becoming Less Popular

1) Majority of Zerodha Clients are now started to use The Kite Trading Platform. While the Pi Trading platform is limited to only Windows OS, Kite provides the flexibility of trading from any web browser. Investors and Traders are finding it more convenient using the Kite Platform compared to the Pi Desktop Software.

2) With the introduction of dedicated Kite Mobile Trading app, Trading from a mobile phone is as easy as trading from a Computer. Generally many previous Desktop Trading platform users are now using Mobile Trading apps. This is another reason why the Pi Desktop platform is becoming less popular.

3) Zerodha has identified the above change in consumer preference from desktop based platform to web and mobile platform in India. New feature additions and updates to the Pi Desktop software is in a very slow pace due to low consumer demand for desktop platform.

4) When Pi Desktop platform was released back in 2015, there were not many alternatives available for stock traders in India. Zerodha Pi had a dominant position as an advanced trading platform back in 2015. In the recent years, we have seen many new advanced trading platforms from other brokers become available. The Fyers Web Trading platform and Upstock’s Dartstock Desktop Trading platform are gaining popularity among Stock Traders in India.