7 Creative Ways To Improve Your Zerodha Kite 3 Experience

Zerodha Kite 3


7 creative ways to improve your Zerodha Kite 3 experience.

1) Multi Chart View, to view 4 different scrip charts on the same screen. If you are a day-trader use this feature to keep an eye on multiple scrips at the same time

2) Short Cut Keys, to open  BUY & SELL order window or other functions on the Kite platform. Start using this feature to quickly place BUY & SELL Order to the exchange for intraday trading.

3) Floating BUY & SELL Order Windows, to move the order window to any area of the screen. Use this Floating window feature to keep the Order window from blocking your chart view.

4) Spark Line Charts, to get a macro view of the price movement of the stocks in your holdings . This feature is quite useful to analyse the performance of your holdings in the evening.

5) One Click Close All Positions, to exit all your open positions with one click. This feature is used by traders with multi position trading strategies, also useful to close all open positions just before the square off time at 3:20 pm.

6) Stocks Ticker on Tool Bar, to keep an eye on the nifty index or any scrip of your choice all the time. If you are a day-trader, use this sticky ticker option to remind you about the market condition throughout the day.

7) Easy Chart Range Navigation, The range selector at the bottom of the chart is useful to quickly navigate to the range of your choice.