You can now view the SGX Nifty index on your mobile’s home-screen using the TradingView app’s new widget feature.

Update: As of July 2023, the NIFTY50 derivative is no longer traded on the SGX market in Singapore. SGX NIFTY is no longer around. Instead, the IFSC market in India offers GIFT NIFTY, which is a different trading instrument. Look for the instrument GIFT NIFTY 50 INDEX FUTURES on tradingview.

TradingView’s latest app for android now supports adding widget to your phone’s home-screen.

This is a good news for traders in India, who wants to keep an eye on the SGX Nifty Futures price all night long.

You can view the SGX Nifty Futures price right there on your home-screen without having to open any web-pages or apps. Fantastic feature isn’t it?

The below 3 home-screen widget layouts that are made available by TradingView on their latest Andorid app.

To start using this fantastic feature,

  1. You will need to install or update to the latest version of TradingView’s app on your Andorid phone.
  2. Long press on your phone’s home-screen until you see the widget menu pop up, and select that menu.
  3. Scroll down to see the widget layouts supported by TradingView.
  4. Long press either the 3×3 or 4×3 widget layout you want on your screen.
  5. Drag and place that widget to an empty space on your home-screen.
  6. From the symbol menu, search for the keyword, sgx nifty.
  7. Select the symbol that shows up as, IN1!
  8. Click the tick mark on the top right corner after you have done with selecting the correct sgx nifty symbol.
  9. You now have the SGX Nifty indices right there on your phone’s home-screen.