Kotak Securities goes Zero Brokerage for Intraday Trading.

Kotak Securities now offers brokerage free intraday trading to their clients under the new Trade Free Brokerage Plan.

If you hold a trading account with Kotak Securities, you can now do intraday trading without paying any brokerage fees.

However, if you plan to use intraday leverage or carry forward your positions, you get charged brokerage fees.

Quoted: “No brokerage is charged for intraday trades for which you provide at least the exchange-prescribed margins”

For carrying forward your intraday trading positions, you get charged a flat brokerage fees of 20/- INR,


This is an interesting brokerage plan for active traders who require no additional leverage, needs the safety of their trading funds with a Full-Service broker and the robustness of the trading infrastructure that large brokerage houses like Kotak Securities can offer. 

Coming Sept 2021, if the full margin requirement policy for F&O trading, from SEBI gets implemented, this would be a great opportunity for F&O intraday traders to start making use of this Trade Free Plan from Kotak Securities.