Zero Brokerage Trading Account in India.

Zero brokerage trading is becoming the new norm for Investing and day trading in the US Capital market. Soon rest of the developing world will follow this new industry standard. All stock brokers in the Indian Share Market will sooner or later adopt the complete zero brokerage on investing, as well as for day trading model like their western counterparts. It is a question of which one among the top 5 stock brokers in India will be the first to have their name carved on this historical giant leap of the entire brokerage industry in India.

A Zero brokerage trading account should allow you to invest and day trade in securities, etf’s, derivatives, currency and commodities without having to pay any brokerage commissions.

In India, at the moment many “fixed montly fee brokerage accounts” are wrongly packaged as Zero brokerage Accounts, or have just the investing part free and pretend it is a zero brokerage account.

If you are looking around for a genuine zero brokerage trading account provider, here you can learn about the stock brokers that provides this brokerage model in India.

Zero Brokerage Trading Account in India.

  1. Finvasia – Finvasia Stock Broker, allows you to invest and day trade in equities, derivatives or commodities without having to pay no stock broker’s brokerage fees. Possibly, this is the first time you hear about Finvasia, that’s because the influencers you watch and read on social media do not talk about zero brokerage trading account providers. The influencers don’t get paid commission for getting you signed up to a genuine zero brokerage like Finvasia. If you are a full time day trader, swing trader or investor and searching for a genuine zero brokerage trading account in India, it is about time you visit Finvasia’s website and go through the details. You have the option to choose NOW Trading Platform, The NEST or use their proprietory SCALPERT web / mobile apps to trade from.
  2. With Zero brokerage Trading Accounts getting popular among aspiring day traders, recently,  Wisdom Capital Stock Broker too has introduced a Zero Brokerage Trading plan. The Freedom Plan, provides Free daytrading with limited intraday leverage for trading equities, f&o, currency and commodities. As per the information on their website, Wisdom capital charges you account opening fees, while there is no account opening charges when you get started with Finvasia.
  3. Alternatively, there is a stock broker in India that refunds your intraday brokerage fees if your 30 trading day performance is positive. Since this feature comes with the profitability condition attached, this will benefit traders who are consistently profitable over a span of every 30 trading days / 6 weeks. Fyers Stock Broker is the one that provides this brokerage refund feature for profitable daytraders.