Is This The Most Fabulous Trading Tool For Nifty Traders In India?

The Time and Sales Filter Tool on The Fyers One Desktop trading Platform is the most useful Nifty Trading Tool out there in the Indian Stock market.

The Time and Sales Filter is a Live Screening Tool, that helps you screen when large quantities of Nifty contracts are bought or sold at NSE during Intraday.

This large quantity transaction will mostly coincide with the price levels at which the intraday tops or bottoms are formed.

The Free, Time and Sales Filter Tool helps you find intraday Tops and Bottoms and take positions accordingly like any other expert Nifty day trader.

The Fyers Desktop Application is available Free of charge for Fyers Trading Clients.

They also provide a 3 day DEMO, where you can try the platform without opening an account.

Call Fyers on 080 4625 1111 for your Fyers One Desktop DEMO ID and Password.

Here are a few screenshots of how useful this tool could be for your Nifty Index Trading.

The Time and Sales Filter Tool can be accessed from the Market-watch by right clicking the Nifty Futures contract for the month.