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zerodha vs wisdom capital

I have Trading accounts with both Zerodha and Wisdom Capital.

Signed up for a Trading and Demat account ( all segments and exchanges) with Zerodha when I started trading during September 2017.

Signed up for a trading Account with Wisdom capital during August 2017, to utilize the 10 x Intraday leverage for Nifty Futures trading.

Let me share with you my Zerodha vs Wisdom Capital , Brokerage Firm comparison.

Features Zerodha Wisdom Capital
Trading Account Opening Free 300 Free
Account Opening Process Digital, ONLY demat POA by paper Paper Based, Print, Sign and Post
Segments Available Stocks, F&O, Currency, Commodity Stocks, F&O, Currency, Commodity
Trading Platform Zerodha Pi, Zerodha Kite NEST
Brokerage Plans Single Brokerage Plan 3 Brokerage Plans
Customer Contact option Email, Telephone Email, Toll Free Telephone, Live web Chat
Location Bangalore Delhi, Noida.
Unique Features  Financial solutions for Life Temp solution for maximum leverage
Individual Review on each broker  Zerodha Review  Wisdom Capital Review