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Wisdom Capital Review

What is Wisdom capital Brokerage and why choose Wisdom Capital ?

Wisdom capital is an Indian Share Market discount brokerage Firm. Wisdom Capital can help you trade on Stocks , Futures , Currencies and Commodity in India. Wisdom Capital head office is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, they also have an office address at Delhi. They have a live customer support chat facility on their website which is very useful for your queries.

Why did I open an account with Wisdom Capital ?

I have been looking around for a broker that gives maximum intraday leverage for Nifty Futures . Majority of the discount brokers are allowing only 2 x leverage for Nifty Futures.

The choice on the table were among Astha Trade, Trade Smart Online and Wisdom capital. All three brokers allow up to 10 x Intraday leverage for Nifty Futures. 10 x intraday leverage is currently the maximum for Nifty Futures on a normal Buy Sell order in India. I avoided the other 2 brokers, because they have no maximum cap on the brokerage chargeable.

Wisdom capital had a maximum cap of 9 INR per trade on their Wisdom PRO Plan. This sounded more logical to my needs and made sure I did not end up paying all my capital as brokerage fees. I intend to use this as a backup account to trade only NIFTY Futures on maximum leverage with the right setup. For everyday trading I will continue to use my Brokerage Free Finvasia account.

Account Opening Procedure at Wisdom Capital ?

1) You need to first email a copy of your Cancelled Cheque, PAN and AADHAR to [email protected]

2) They then send you a pre filled application form to your email.

3) You need to print it out , sign it and post it to an address in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

4) After they receive the form they do a verification process and the account is ready.

Account opening charges for Wisdom Capital and notable benefits.

  1. The Account opening charges are Zero.
  2. Demat account opening is not mandatory, attach your existing demat account. If you already have a demat account, send a copy of the CMR of the existing demat along with your application and avoid paying 999 INR for a new demat.
  3. For Wisdom Capital brokerage charges, visit

For my specific Nifty Futures trading needs, I activated only the NSE exchange with just FNO and CASH segments.

What needs improvement at Wisdom capital ?

They offer to get your account activated in 8 hours after receiving the application forms by post, which is not quite true.

Many discount brokers are having an paperless account opening process nowadays. Wisdom capital is yet to implement this new ekyc digital account opening process. You need to print around 30 odd A4 application documents, sign at 20 places, paste 2 photos and courier cost around 120 INR to Noida.

Considering the 10x leverage they are providing for NIFTY futures, the initial struggle should all be worth it.

What trading platform does Wisdom Capital provide ?

They give you an option between NSE NOW trader and NEST Platform. However, to get the 10 x leverage for your intraday trades, you need to trade from the nest platform.

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