How to set up Amibroker for Real-time Scanning ?

In this Tutorial, we will examine , How to set up Amibroker for Real-time Scanning.

For this tutorial, download, unzip and use this AFL Scanner file . This is an Amibroker AFL Scanner file that scans for 8 34 ema BUY SELL crossover’s on 5 min candle.

Follow these steps with the screenshot of Amibroker attached below.

  1. Access the Amibroker scanner from the Toolbar ANALYSIS > NEW ANALYSIS
  2. Use the Pick a File Folder icon to select the Amibroker Scanner AFL File.
  3. On the APPLY TO drop down menu, select “All symbols”
  4. On the RANGE drop down menu, select “1 recent bars”
  5. On the Date Range FROM and TO calendar choose “today’s date”
  6. On the Settings drop down menu, “Set Auto-Repeat Scan/Explore” to 1min
  7. Click SCAN , the Amibroker will now run every 1 min scanning on 5 min candles.

After you have run the scanner manually once, leave it alone. The Scanner will automatically run every 1 min scanning on the latest 5 min candle for matching BUY and SELL conditions.

When a stock is identified with matching conditions, Amibroker will automatically list the stock in your analysis window.