Amibroker AFL Intraday Scanner codes : Starter PACK

Here is a collection of 25 Amibroker AFL Scanner codes ideal for Intraday Traders.

This collection of AFL Scanner codes are individually and fully coded by stocksonfire AFL coding team.

25 AFL scanner codes for use in Amibroker for Intraday Stock Screening:

AFl Scanner Code List

Also, Included FREE with this package is a 15min HURST BAND AFL SCANNER code for Amibroker.

The FREE Hurst Band AFL can be used for Plotting and for Amibroker Scanning, works with any Stocks or Indices.

Screen shot of the FREE Hurst Band Indicator below 

Who can buy these Amibroker Scanner codes ?

These codes are useful if you have a basic understanding on how to use the Amibroker Scanner.

To learn how to use these AFL Scanner codes on your Amibroker read the article below, or watch the Amibroker Scanner tutorial video.

How to set up Amibroker for Real-time Scanning ?

Separate AFL files are included in this package to screen for 5 and 15 min intraday candles.

These codes work only on Amibroker Scanner 5.60 and above.

The 25 Scanner codes cannot be used for plotting charts, However the Free Hurst Band Code can be used for Indicator Plotting as well as for Real time Screening.

How much does this collection of Amibroker AFL Scanner codes Cost ?

These codes are priced reasonably, so you can get started with the Real-time Amibroker Scanner and learn more about how it works and start coding on your own.

This collection of 25 amibroker AFL Scanner codes cost 1499/- INR

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In case you need someone to develop your custom strategies for amibroker, you are welcome to use our Amibroker AFL custom coding service.

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