What is Zerodha CRM Platform ? How to SIGN UP

Zerodha CRM Screenshot

The Zerodha CRM Platform ( Customer Relationship Management) is a back-office platform for Zerodha Associate Partners . The Zerodha CRM is similar to Google Analytics that is used to monitor the web traffic. Zerodha CRM tracks the the leads you generate, referral commission accumulated etc etc.

How to sign up for the Zerodha CRM Platform ?

A Zerodha CRM login ID and Password gets issued to all Zerodha Associate Partners. The login information to the Zerodha CRM gets generated at the back-end and emailed to you. Please contact one of their AP Sign UP team if you wish to register as a Zerodha Associate Partner.

How to login to Zerodha CRM Platform ?

After your Zerodha CRM ID and Password gets delivered to your email you can login to Zerodha CRM from this link :


How to manually add a prospective lead to the Zerodha Account Sign Up team ?

Login to your Zerodha CRM platform. On the Menu Toolbar click Add Lead.

You can now enter the Client Name, Phone, Email and any notes to the back-office team that will follow up your lead.

How to check the leads you generated using the Zerodha CRM Platform ?

After logged in to the Zerodha CRM platform, leads are tracked under the following menu.

Select PICKED > L1 PICKED . This menu will display all the leads you have generated and the progress of each leads. From follow up call, Offline forms dispatched, account sign ups.

How to Check your referral commission earned using the Zerodha CRM Platform ?

To audit the referral commission you have earned. Login to the Zerodha CRM Platform and follow the below steps:

On the Menu Toolbar > Select BROKERAGE > FROM Select the Month to track > Click DONE > Click GENERATE.

The Referral commission earned is now displayed on your Screen.

When does the Zerodha CRM gets updated with the latest referral commission ?

The referral commission is credited to your Associate Partner account once a month.

The latest data gets updated by the 10th of every month. For eg; The referral commission for SEPTEMBER gets credited by the 10th of October