Zerodha Coin, What is it ? Simplified

Zerodha Coin Information

The new COIN platform from Zerodha makes a revolutionary change on how the traditional SIP worked in India.

The Zerodha Coin platform helps you invest directly in the portfolios of SIP Asset Management Companies in India.

As a consumer, you can now buy directly from the manufacturer instead of approaching the wholesaler or the retail suppliers.

You as an SIP investor , buys directly from your SIP Asset Management Company (AMC).

With no middlemen involved, you can now invest in many of the direct mutual funds available on the platform. NO middlemen like the regular plans = You save on commission.

Traditionally with regular plans, the commission structure gets indirectly discounted in your total investment amount.

Now by using the direct plans on the Zerodha COIN platform you save on excess expense ratio.

No upfront or trailing commissions are charged for using the Coin platform for your direct SIP investment plans.

They allow you to use the COIN platform free of charge. Thanks to Zerodha for this great offering. 


Savings and benefits when using the Zerodha Coin platform.

  1. Savings on lower expense ratio when using the direct plan on the platform compared to the same regular plans sold by neighbourhood distributors.
  2. Option to decide your SIP amount, modify or pause the contibution dates directly from the coin platform interface.
  3. Genarate summary statements from the platform for tax filing etc etc. The statements are delivered to your email almost instantly.
  4. Track your fund performance, active SIP instruction status and other variables directly on the platform.
  5. Set up a standing instruction from your bank for your monthly contribution to your trading account and the rest of the process gets done automatically at the platform end.
  6. The units get delivered to your demat account, so even if the broker goes kaput, your investments are safe with your demat depository.
  7. No hardcopy footprint, the system is almost fool proof, so there is no need for keeping track of each folio numbers etc physcically.

More technical on the Zerodha COIN PLATFORM


*Mutual Funds investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully. Past performance is not an indicator for future returns.

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