Zerodha Pi : How to Find your Licence Key ?


Please NOTE :

Pi Licence Key is no more needed if you are installing the latest versions of Zerodha Pi.

All you will need is your Trading Client ID and Password.

To download the latest version of Zerodha Pi use this link below :

How to download Zerodha Pi trading software for Indian Stock Market ?

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After you install the Pi trading Software, you need a Licence key to activate the software.

Your unique Pi Licence Key is located inside your Zerodha Q backoffice platform.

There are 2 ways to access your Pi Licence Key:

1) The direct, But not so easy way:

Open up

Login with your Zerodha Client ID and your back-office password. (this is not same as your Trading password).

If you know your back-office password use this method.

Now, after you login to Q back-office,  navigate to Pi menu on the bottom left menu.

Zerodha Pi Licence Key Location

You will find your unique pi Licence key here. Copy and paste it to your pi Trading Platform to start using your new software.

2) The indirect, But the easy way:

If you already know your trading ID and trading Password, this is the easiest way to get access to your Pi licence key.

Open up

Login to Kite using your Zerodha Client ID and your trading password.

Once you log in to kite you will need to click on your profile menu on the top right corner.  On the drop down list click on the Q Back-office menu.

Zerodha Pi Licence Key Location METHOD 2

If you use this method, The Q back office logs you in automatically. This method is quite useful if you do not know or remember your back office password.