How to download Zerodha Pi trading software for Indian Stock Market ?

Zerodha Pi is a trading terminal software supplied by Zerodha Brokerage exclusively to their trading account holders.

How to download and install Zerodha Pi, Video Tutorial.

Screenshot of Zerodha Pi Trading Terminal:

Zerodha Pi ScreenShot

 Where to Download Zerodha Pi Software ?

  1. Download Zerodha Pi here  OR
  2. Click this link to access the download page :

On the webpage look under Tools . Click Pi(exe) link to Start Downloading.

  • The Zerodha Pi Software is downloaded as a ZIP file.
  • You need to First unzip the downloaded file.
  • Right click on the zip file and use the decompress / unzip option.
  • After you unzip the file, install it and follow the above video tutorial.