Virtual Trading : App for Indian Stock Market ( The Best One )

Virtual trading platform gives you the hands on experience to start trading in stocks. Virtual platforms are available for the Stock Market in India too.

Looking around for a good platform for virtual trading stocks in Indian ?

What you need to look for in a Virtual Trading app ?

  1. A good design layout, that will simplify your trading journey.
  2. An inbuilt charting feature with tick by tick data and realtime bid and ask quotes.
  3. An option to set your virtual currency.
  4. Free to use.

I have tried out a few of these virtual trading apps during the initial years of my trading career. But what I noticed is most of them look complicated in their design and does not make things easy for a beginner.

It is only recently, The Tradingview virtual charting platform has come to my attention.

This charting app has a Free paper trading account feature which works with stocks In The Indian Stock Market.

A simplicity in design that is good for beginner to virtual trade in stocks and commodities for free in an easy to understand format.

Virtual trading with tradingview’s paper trading account :

  1. Trade Indian stocks and global commodities on the same account for free.
  2. Option to set the value of your virtual Indian Currency.
  3. Real time tick by tick charts with bid and ask quotes.
  4. Web based interface, pleasing to eyes, easy to understand and accessible from mobile.
  5. Library of modern Technical indicators.
  6. Idea sharing features on the main site helps you learn and trade at the same time.