What is RAC Ticket ? SIMPLIFIED for Indian Railways.

What is RAC Ticket for Trains ?

RAC, Reservation Against Cancellation, is a buffering technique  on The Indian Railway Ticket Reservation System.

In short RAC ticket means, dust your bags and start packing for that journey.

You are legally allowed to make your travel in that train you wanted to travel.

You wont be turned down from boarding the Train when you reach the station.

You are given a seat to rest you back, but not a berth (as in bed) to lie down and stretch your legs.

Something to be cheerful about, even if it means you might be sitting all night long on your planned journey.


Example of an RAC ticket.

what is rac ticket, Indian Railways


Why are RAC Railway tickets Issued by The Indian Railways ?

Indian railways pre reserve a fixed percentage of seats on all Trains.

Just in case, if people who needs to travel in priority needs it in an emergency.

Priority Reservations for Politicians, Military Personal, Railway Employees , etc.

If such pre-reserved seats are still unoccupied on the day of travel these seats are allotted to the RAC ticket holders.


Is RAC reservation necessary in The Indian railways ?

If you have a RAC ticket, you might be wondering if RAC Reservation system is necessary in India ?

In reality, RAC is a very productive buffering system for a massive logistic service provider like The Indian Railways.

The Indian railway has been following it for years, it works , so we keep it and we need to uphold the RAC System.


What are the chances of RAC ticket getting confirmed ?

Getting a RAC ticket confirmed means your sitting position has now been upgraded to a sleeping position as well.

You now have your own cozy little place in the Train to lie down and stretch your legs.

In general, majority of the travelers who have reserved tickets earlier will quit, either before or on the travel date.

So, in India, it is generally expected that if you have a RAC ticket you will be getting it confirmed on the day of travel.


What to do with your RAC ticket on the date of Travel ?


A copy of the Chart Preparation List will be displayed at your Departure Station.

You can find this chart and locate the seat alloted to you.


When the train arrives, see if you can spot the TRAIN TICKET EXAMINER (TTE).

The TTE’s wears a black coat, approach the TTE for the correct seat number.

To make things easy, just board the train in one of those correct class you have booked for.

You can approach the TTE inside the train and they will direct you to your correct seat.

In short, Be cool and stay calm and act like you own the railways.