Charging Points inside Indian Trains, All you need to know !

Our dependability on Electronic devices has increased in the recent years. It becomes important to stay connected and not run out of power during our journey. A long distance train traveler in India is curious to know if they can recharge their phones, laptops etc throughout their journey on the Indian Railways.

Does Indian Trains have Charging points ?

Trains in Indian have the facility for the passengers to recharge their phones, laptops etc during their journey . Power Sockets are available on all types of Sleeper Class and upwards in the Indian Railways.

How many Charging Points / Power Sockets are available inside Indian Trains ?

Each cabin / coupe of the Indian Trains supports a minimum of 1 power socket. This power socket is located next to the switch panel near the main cluster of berths. Some Indian Train coaches have 2 power sockets, one on the side berth panel and the second as discussed above. Safe to assume the cabin you booked your Indian train ticket will support only one. Prepare with some of the accessories you will need to make your long distance train journey comfortable.

Are charging points inside Indian Trains too crowded ?

Nowadays, I have noticed most passengers carry their own portable power banks. Say for example only 20 percentage of the train passengers will use the power sockets inside the train to charge their phones. It is not a crowded shared facility in the Indian Trains. You can recharge your mobile devices, laptops inside the Indian Trains without having to queue up.
If you need to use this power socket 24 x 7 during your train journey, carry a multi point adapter. Other passengers can plugin their chargers at the same time while you stay plugged in. Useful for train travelers who needs to keep their laptop, portable modem, tablets, gps etc plugged in throughout their journey.

Can I use my phone while its been charged inside Indian Trains ?

Your house charger works with the power sockets available inside the train. You can use this same charger to charge your phones, laptops etc. However, there is Electronic Magnetic Frequency noise generated when using the Train power Sockets. This EMF noise stops your phone respond to your touch while charging in the train power sockets. You will also notice the laptop mouse acting a bit funny while charging inside the Indian Trains. This is considered safe, except for not been able to use your touch-phone while its plugged inside the train charging point.
The Indian Railways provides you with all the facility needed to keep you charged and work while on the move.