Stock Price ALERT APP for India NSE BSE Stocks, F&O – On Alpha Trader Platform.

Here is a wonderful Stock Price Alert app, you can make use of if you have a trading account with SASOnline stock broker.

This stock price alert feature is a part of the SASonline’s Alpha Trader Web Platform.

Very useful for Full time daytrader’s, who wants to create sound alerts and popup notification based on intraday price points on your desktop.

Unlike many similar price alert platform, you don’t need to re-trigger the alert condition again.

The alert created during intraday, stays valid for one full day and works flawless.

Browsing through the alert function supported on other platforms in India, I realised that, this is the only app that supports a repetitive alert function and has an option to set the alert expiry date & time.

The price alert notification on the SAS Platform works spot on. Desktop / Mobile notifications synchornised at the same time, with no delay. A well coded alert function on the platform with no bugs. 5 stars to the coder.

A comparable platform that supports the same alert feature with multiple functions is TradingView Premium that cost about 4320 INR for a month.

Conditions for creating Price alerts includes, Price

  1. Lesser than
  2. Greater than
  3. Outside Range
  4. Inside Range
  5. Crossing
  6. Crossing Up
  7. Crossing Down
  8. Entering Range
  9. Exiting Range

Screenshot for the Alert Feature on the AlphaTrader Web Platform.