Finvasia Stock Broker has released their new trading platform.

Finvasia is a stock broker in India with a zero brokerage model for day trading and investing across all instruments.

There are no hidden conditions attached to their zero cost day trading facility, you can trade brokerage free across all segments and instruments.

Whether it is investing or trading, equity or commodities, cash or derivatives, they do not charge their clients any brokerage fees. 

During November 2020, they have released their new series of trading apps for Android, Windows and the Web.

They have branded this new set of trading platforms under the name “Shoonya”.

Their new trading platforms are developed by Rupeeseed technologies, the same developers who makes trading platforms for the big brokerage houses in India. 

This is a great value addition for clients trading with Finvasia

Zero brokerage trading + their latest trading apps = Couldn’t ask for more.