Fantastic Feature – Bracket Order with Trigger Entry on Fyers Web.

Bracket Orders with Trigger Entry is a feature many daytraders were waiting for years.

Fyers is among the few discount brokers to have this facility on their trading platform.

This feature is very useful for strategy based daytrading like, Opening range breakouts, Previous day High Low Breakout Trading etc.

How to use BRACKET ORDER with TRIGGER ENTRY on Fyers Web Trading Platform?

Log into your Fyers Web Trading Platform at Open the Order Window using the BUY SELL Floating menu on the platform and follow the below steps.

  1. Select BO ( Bracket Order) option using the radio button option.
  2. In the above example we have chosed BO with STOP LOSS LIMIT ENTRY.
  3. Enter your LIMIT entry price at which you want your order to be filled.
  4. Enter the Price at which you want the Bracket Order to become active (trigger price).
  5. Enter your Stop Loss PRICE, in INR value count, .25 for 25 paise, 1 for 1 Rupee, like wise.
  6. Enter your Target, in INR value count, like on step 5
  7. Confirm to place the Bracket Order with Trigger Price using the BUY SELL btuuon at the bottom of the order panel.

How to fix “trigger is out of specified gap range” on Fyers Web Platform ?

To fix the above error message, when placing a Bracket Order with Trigger entry price on Fyers Web Platform, make sure your STOP LOSS value count ( marker 5 on the above image ) is set to a minimum of .25 (25 paise).

One of the may advanced features you can make use when opening a trading account at Fyers Stock Broker.