How to study Market Profile Trading Course for free, for Indian Traders?

Chart analysis using age old technical indicators are loosing traction among the millennial stock traders.

Technical indicator based chart analysis was popular in the 90’s then came the volume price action analysis in the early 2000.

Now, in the age where stock markets are dominated by automated HFT algorithms, Market Profile Trading technique could possibly be a life saver for retail stock traders to understand the macro view of the markets.

Market Profile Trading strategies can be used as the primary method for your market analysis or as a supplimentary technique alongside your current trading method.

Market profile chart analysis helps you get an understanding about, at which price points the big sellers and the big buyers are located and how strong they are.

After learning Market Profile Chart reading, you don’t end up being a retail buyer where the wholesale sellers have gathered or be a retail seller where the wholesale buyers have gathered.

Here we discuss, how Market Profile chart reading can be mastered for free. Here is an awesome course I have discovered and found very informative.

It took me about 2 days to complete and learn the techniques discussed in this Market Profile Course.

Few benefits observed when learning Market Profile Chart Reading.

1) Market Profile chart reading helps you to plan trades, so as to avoid taking trades at the wrong time. 

2) Psychologically trains you to be a patient trader, to wait for the right time to enter your trade.

3) Having realistic expectations of market price movement.

A Market Profile Online Course you can study for free.

The instructor of this Market Profile Course is someone who has contributed plenty of free quality education to the stock trading community in India.

He makes it easy for you to learn this subject, from a newbie to skilled analyst of Market Profile Trading strategies in about 2 days.

You can complete the entire course over a weekend, approach it with a clear mind for studying a new subject.

The course is divided into 10 part videos, takes about 30 minutes on each video.

  1. Market Profile Trading – Part 1 – Basics.
  2. Market Profile Part 2 – Profile Structure.
  3. Market Profile Part 3 – Framework & Control.
  4. Market Profile Part 4 – Profile Opening Type.
  5. Market Profile Part 5 – Opening & Value Area.
  6. Market Profile Part 6 – Profile Confidence.
  7. Market Profile Part 7 – Volume and Market Development.
  8. Market Profile Part 8 – Confidence in Profile II.
  9. Market Profile Part 9 – Putting It All Together.
  10. Market Profile Part 10 – Putting It All Together.
  11. How To Setup Market Profile Volume Profile For Trading.

All the best, with your learning.