How to resolve, invalid user error on the new Finvasia mobile app?

The Finvasia trading apps has gone through a further upgrade during Nov 2021. The new app now makes it easier for the development team to roll out updates and integrate changes that are most desired by the clients.

If you see an invalid user error on the finvasia mobile app when trying to log in, this is because your user ID is not yet compatible to work with the new version of the app.

You will have to make a request to the finvasia support team to allow your user ID to work with the new app.

If you are not able to reach them over the finvasia phone support, the easiest way to get this done is

  1. Log into your finvasia’s prism Backoffice portal.
  2. Raise a service request / complaint ticket from there, stating  “the new mobile app says invalid user”.
  3. You will receive a call back from the support team almost immediately during working hours taking a request from you to start using the new mobile app.

After having your Finvasia USER ID made compatible with the new set of upgraded trading apps, if you try to login to the old Finvasia web trading app, you might get the error , ” Client is Suspended. Contact Helpdesk ” . You will now have to start using the new web trading app which is available at