India’s First, 20 depth level orderbook for retail clients is now available on your Zerodha Kite.

Zerodha’s Kite platform has now set a landmark to be the first retail trading platform in India to offer a 20 depth level orderbook for their clients.

A great liberation for the retail market participants in India. With this particular feature on your trading platform, the playing ground for all the market participants has become much fairer.

Previously a 20 level order book on a retail platform was considered impossible, but a stock broker just made the impossible possible.

Zerodha has now contributed more to the advancement of a common man’s accessibility to a fair financial market environment, than the rest of the stock brokers combined since the history of financial markets in India.

No job is too big for great visionaries !


You can access this feature for free on your Zerodha kite platform.

On the market watch panel window on the left, open up the orderbook view icon and expand it to view 20 depth.