Zerodha Pi Scanner : Sound Alert PLUGIN

SOUND ALERT Plugin for Zerodha pi Scanner :

  1. This is a standalone Plugin that works with the Zerodha Pi Scanner.
  2. By default, Zerodha Pi does not Produce Sound Alerts for Pi Scanner Signals.
  3. This Plugin will help you generate BEEP ALERT SOUND when a stock is Screened on the Pi Scanner.
  4. This Plugin is useful for full time Commodity, Currency and Equity day traders working from home.
  5. The Sound ALERT Plugin will start beeping when a visible Yellow signal is generated on your Pi Scanner.
  6. You can cook, clean or sleep while this plugin monitors your screen to generate sound alert.

YOUTUBE Video Showing the Sound Alert Plugin for Zerodha Pi Scanner :


Cost of the SOUND ALERT Plugin for Zerodha pi Scanner :

  • The Pi Scanner Sound Alert Plugin will cost 999 INR.
  • This is a One time Fee and can be used on Multiple Computers.
  • Works only on Windows PC / Laptop.
  • Buy, ONLY if you have access to Zerodha Pi Trading Terminal.
  • Buy, ONLY if you have your own Pi Scanner strategy that is worth investing in.
  • Buy, ONLY if you have sufficient experience using the Pi Scanner.
  • Moderate amount of computer literacy is required to make use of this plugin.

UPDATE :  This plugin is not available for sale anymore.