Portfolio Tracking SpreadSheet for Traders.

Portfolio Tracking App

The automatic portfolio tracking Google Sheet is a simple tool for keeping track of your share portfolio in India. This tool is ideally useful for someone who wants to keep things simple.

If you are a small scale investor or a positional / swing trader, this tool helps you keep track of your share trading activity.

This Automatic Portfolio Tracking spreadsheet, helps you keep track of :

1) The date you purchased the Shares.
2) The name of the company, you invested in.
3) Your buy price.
4) The quantity you purchased.
5) Today’s price of the Share.
6) Today’s change in the value of the Stock.
7) Change in the value of the Stock since you purchased.
8) Total money invested.
9) Current market Value of your Investment.
10) Your PROFIT / LOSS on each investment.
11) Number of holding days for your investment.
12) Your Notes.

After you enter the date, the name of share , buy price and Quantity, the rest of the columns are calculated automatically.

BUY The Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheet for 1000 INR.

The Portfolio Tracking tool gets delivered to your google drive.

Tracks up to 20 investments on the same sheet, (expandable).

This is a fully automated way to keep track of your portfolio.

Please note, this is an online tool and stays in your google drive. You will need to be proficient in spreadsheet and internet usage to make use of this tool.

Portfolio Tracking App