The first stock broker from India to appear on TradingView’s Trading Panel toolbar. is the first stock broker from India to appear on the list of brokers supported directly on the TradingView’s Trading Panel toolbar.

So with this new facility available, if you are a trading account holder, you will be able to login to your broker account directly from TradingView platform itself. 

This is a giant leap from team, considering what the other stock brokers from India over the years were having their own excuses to not do this direct broker login integration. The enthusiasm among the other stock brokers for fresh innovations and new features seems to have stalled, but the flaming energy at coding lab for developing new things everyday is commendable. 

A great opportunity made use of by for global visibility of their brand name and at the same time an amazing convenience open to their investing and trading clients.

Equity stocks, Etf’s  and Futures segments are now supported for order placing.