Here’s how to pay no brokerage and trade like a professional

Here are 2 ways on how to pay no brokerage and trade like a professional.

1.Trade Brokerage Free with Finvasia.

Open a Trading account with Finvasia and trade brokerage free. No conditions attached, free trading on Equity, F&O, Commodity and Currency. Finvasia is a brokerage Firm that charges no Brokerage fees. You might wonder how they manage to do this, but YES, this works with no conditions attached. I have been using them since 2016 and never paid any brokerage fees. It is too good and its true.

2.Sign up for 30 day challenge with Fyers.

Open a trading account with Fyers Stock Broker and sign up to Fyers 30 day challenge. Trade and remain profitable for 30 days and get your brokerage refunded in full. With no brokerage cap and only 30 days, this is very practical for day traders. Challenge completion Certificates issued on successful completion of the 30 day Challenge.