Dhan.co Upgrades API for Lightning-Fast Order Execution.

Image from dhan.co

Dhan.co, a fast growing stockbroker in India, has upgraded their API to provide lightning-fast order execution. The optimization has reduced order execution time to as low as 23 milliseconds, improving upon the previous range of 100-120 milliseconds. This upgrade reflects Dhan’s commitment to delivering a seamless and swift trading experience for their users.

The upgrade streamlines the entire order execution process, from order placement to risk validation, sending the order to exchanges, execution, and confirmation. Traders can now take advantage of real-time market opportunities with minimal delay, capitalizing on price movements effectively.

The end-to-end timestamp has also been optimized, enhancing transparency and user experience. Traders gain clear visibility into the entire order execution process, from placement to confirmation, instilling confidence and control over their transactions.

Risk management is a key focus of the upgrade, with risk validation integrated into the streamlined process. This ensures that each order meets the necessary risk parameters, safeguarding the interests of clients.

All users of Dhan.co’s platform can benefit from this API upgrade, enjoying lightning-fast order execution and improved transparency. The optimized execution time of 23 milliseconds empowers traders to act swiftly, seizing market opportunities efficiently.

Dhan’s API upgrade underscores their commitment to a lightning-fast trading experience. With an execution time of 23 milliseconds and enhanced transparency, traders can make the most of the dynamic stock market environment. Dhan.co sets a new standard for seamless and swift order execution, offering users a competitive edge.