What does that jobbing p&l section mean on your trading p&l report?

If you are holding a trading account with one of those stock brokers who are still using that outdated back office reporting platform, you will notice an unfamiliar jobbing p&l section on the yearly p&l reports.

The jobbing p&l section on your p&l reports shows details of all those intraday trades you have done in the equity segment.

Jobbing p&l report means daytrading / intraday trading p&l report. 

They could have made it less confusing and named it the Intraday p&l section instead, but back in the days when these systems were initially designed, day trading was commonly known as jobbing ( running around on your foot at the trade floor of the exchange and shouting out loud your buy and sell orders ).

Also, you will find a short term p&l section on your p&l report, this section details the summary of all those multi day positional trades you have done in the equity segment.