What is ‘lock aspect ratio’ settings on your charting platform?

“Lock aspect ratio” is a setting that can be found in some charting and analysis software programs. It refers to a feature that allows the user to lock the aspect ratio, or the relationship between the width and height, of the chart so that it remains consistent when the chart is resized.

When the lock aspect ratio setting is enabled, the chart will maintain its original proportions when it is resized. This can be useful if the user wants to ensure that the chart retains a specific shape or if they want to avoid distorting the chart when they resize it.

To use the lock aspect ratio setting, the user simply needs to enable the setting in their charting software and then resize the chart as desired. The software will automatically adjust the width and height of the chart to maintain the original aspect ratio.

Overall, the lock aspect ratio setting is a useful feature that can help traders and investors to ensure that their charts remain properly proportioned when they are resized. It can be particularly useful when working with charts that contain a lot of detailed information or when the user wants to ensure that the chart retains a specific shape.

lock aspect ratio setting chart
The price and time data on your chart data sometimes gets distorted when you zoom out to include more candles on the screen. To avoid this distortion, zoom in to a comfortable level, reset the price scale and engage the lock aspect setting ( lock price to bar ratio ) and then when you zoom out, the data on the chart looks more comfortable to the eyes for making visual analysis.